5 WordPress Themes to Create a Modern Ecommerce Store

Are you starting an e-commerce store? If you have decided to use WordPress, excellent choice! It provides a solid, reliable and scalable platform for e-commerce.

The next question you will likely have, however, is which theme to use. Try this selection of five great themes for your next e-commerce project.

Storefront is a WordPress theme specially designed to work with WooCommerce. This is an important detail because plugins and themes from different creators don’t always work well together.

Considering the complexity of eCommerce websites, it makes sense to use an eCommerce theme and plugin from the same creator.

Moreover, Storefront comes with a pre-made eCommerce layout. All you will have to do is connect the theme to WooCommerce and upload your products and other website content. Your e-commerce store is then ready to go.

It’s completely free to use Storefront, but if you want to expand its functionality, there’s a Storefront extension bundle that costs $69.

2. Cadence E-commerce models

Kadence is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes on the market today. It is popular for being lightweight and fast, as well as offering a feature-rich free version.

While a theme like Storefront gives you a standard eCommerce layout, millions of websites also use it. This means that your Storefront-based website will not stand out. Kadence is a great option that allows you to get around this problem by easily creating unique designs.


The Kadence theme also supports full site editing using its Kadence Blocks plugin. And if you don’t have time for in-depth design, Kadence has a few e-commerce templates to help you get your design started.

Kadence is available for free, but also offers comprehensive paid plans. You can upgrade by signing up for $129 for the essential package and $199 for the full package.

3. astra Ecommerce Startup Templates

Astra is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes out there. Like Kadence, it’s light and fast with a rich array of design features.

E-commerce websites can accumulate a lot of data over time, which can affect your website’s performance. Part of the solution is to start with an extremely lightweight theme like Astra.

Astra is fully compatible with the native WordPress Gutenberg block editor. This means you won’t need to install any heavy page builder plugins to tweak its design. Moreover, you can use a free Astra e-commerce starter website by installing the Starter models connect.

Astra is available for free with a premium Astra Pro plan which costs between $49 and $249.

4. Elementary Professional eCommerce Templates

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins. You can use it to create the front-end of almost any type of website.

If you want well-designed pages that you can easily customize, Elementor’s eCommerce templates are a great option.

Although the plugin itself is quite heavy, you can pair it with a lightweight theme like Kadence or Astra. You can also combine it with Elementor’s custom Hello theme to help improve site performance.

You can use Elementor for free, but its premium eCommerce templates are only available on paid plans that start at $49 per year and top out at $999 per year.

Woostify is an e-commerce WordPress theme that ticks quite a few boxes. The theme is lightweight, elegant, and offers out-of-the-box eCommerce functionality.

Woostify seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, so you don’t have to worry about conflicts when upgrading the plugin. Another plus is Woostify’s premium Woobuilder add-on. This allows you to customize pages such as store, product, cart, and checkout pages.

Woostify uses a modular approach that lets you disable any modules you don’t use. This improves the performance of your e-commerce stores.

Woostify is free to start with, but for more features, you can try Woostify Pro Add-on bundles from $49 to $129.

Build a modern and functional e-commerce store

Each of these five themes and templates has unique benefits to using it. Consider the benefits of each, try them out, and pick the one that’s right for you!

Along with using the right theme, the right choice of plugins can help you get the most out of your WordPress eCommerce website.

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