Ask a Marketer: Should I Build a WordPress or Squarespace Site for My Startup?

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Q: Should I create a WordPress or Squarespace site?

A: There are many site builders out there, but the two we get asked about most are probably WordPress and square space. While they’re both doing exceptional things and both have come a long way since their debut, there’s a clear way to find out which platform is best for you.

Honestly, a lot of it depends on where you find yourself as a business, first and foremost.

Squarespace is a fantastic tool that lets you quickly create all kinds of websites with a comprehensive and customizable template that’s perfect for e-commerce, a blog, or an infinite scrolling brochure website. These are great if you’re building an MVP, new to business, or really need to do basic things on your site.

WordPress, on the other hand, is almost synonymous with the word website. What started as a humble blogging platform has grown to do all sorts of things the founders probably never imagined they could do. Thanks to the proliferation of customization tools brought by plugins, WordPress websites can handle a ton of things that a Squarespace can’t.

When choosing between the two, consider this:

  • What kind of actions do I want users to be able to perform on this page?
  • How much information do I really need to upload to this site?
  • How will I maintain it and how often will I have to change it?

As a start-up, there’s no shame in going with a Squarespace site. If you’re more of an established player in your space and have in-house development or a partner to develop more robust functionality, take a look at WordPress.

Remember that a site is only as good as the people behind it. Build only what you need to ensure your audience has a smooth experience.


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