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Content management systems (CMS) have become very popular among digital marketers – and for good reason. CMS solutions for websites make it easy to create and manage website content. They allow you to easily upload, edit, and delete content from your website without knowing HTML, CSS, and other coding languages. CMS programs also make it easy to publish and track content.

Above all, content management systems improve collaboration and sharing. This directly increases productivity and ultimately profitability.

Unfortunately, the CMS market is somewhat saturated, with dozens of tools competing for the same business clients. Below, we look at several reasons why your business should consider choosing the WordPress CMS.

7 Benefits of WordPress Website CMS

With over two dozen CMS solutions available, why choose WordPress? Here are several reasons why;

It’s free: There are many reasons to love WordPress. However, the most important thing is that it is completely free. You don’t need to pay a penny to start using WordPress. You’re probably wondering if that’s good enough given the “you get what you pay for” analogy. Do not worry. Top companies including Disney, Time, and TechCrunch use WordPress, and they’re doing great, right?

It’s easy to create, publish and update content: WordPress makes it very easy for content creators (writers, photographers, video producers, and podcasters), marketers, and store managers to publish content without coding knowledge or other technical skills. For example, some plugins allow you to drag and drop images and videos and edit them from anywhere. There are also plugins for adding photo slides, albums and more.

Build your team and start collaborating: It’s amazing how WordPress allows you to build a team of contributors to seamlessly collaborate on projects. All you have to do is add team members and set access levels. For example, you can assign writers to submit blogs and editors to check all content before submission. This is very convenient and can save you a lot of time when posting.

Set up your online store with ease: Most people who use WordPress are selling something. Fortunately, WordPress has made creating online stores very simple. On the one hand, you can simply download and install the very popular WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. This plugin is very easy to configure by following the prompts. Additionally, WordPress makes it easy to set up payments, shipping methods, social media connections, and marketing campaigns.

WordPress content is shareable and mobile-friendly: A 2021 Statista study shows that 72.9% of all online retail sales now come from mobile. Most of these trips originate from social networks. This makes both channels invaluable for online marketing campaigns. All WordPress content is mobile-ready. Moreover, the CMS has all the social media marketing plugins to help you get your messages across.

Take advantage of favorable search engine performance: WordPress offers several built-in optimization tools to ensure your content is search engine friendly. Built-in tools help you refine title tags, add meta descriptions, and add hyperlinks. This helps ensure technical SEO elements like speed, navigability, and missing pages work for easy crawling. Even better, you can take advantage of hundreds of WordPress plugins to fine-tune your SEO.

Leverage reviews for maximum ROI

You probably already understand the value of customer reviews. However, if you don’t, all you need to know is that 62% of consumers say they can’t buy from brands without online reviews. Luckily, the WordPress CRM makes it easy to integrate reviews into e-commerce websites to avoid losing customers. Alternatively, you can turn to third-party review plugins, such as WP Review.

To wrap up

WordPress is the best website CMS solution, and the numbers show it.

According to Kinsta, WordPress controls 65% of the CMS market and powers 41% of all websites. It also powers some of the biggest websites including, BBC America and Trip Advisor. You now have seven more reasons to choose WordPress over other CMS systems.

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