LexisNexis®️ introduces the LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®️ extension, a free web-based tool for displaying patent examiner statistics on USPTO websites

Unprecedented LexisNexis integration® patent prosecution statistics and the USPTO’s two main sites for online patent research – the Patent Application Information Retrieval System (PAIR) and the USPTO Patent Center – offer all IP professionals immediate access to key information while they check the status of pending patent applications or view the status of documents. This includes PatentAdvisor ETA (Examiner Time Allocation), a LexisNexis proprietary metric that helps patent professionals anticipate examiner behavior and develop strategies for better prosecution results.

Other valuable data displayed includes:

  • The rate of the examiner’s allowance;
  • The examiner’s average office actions at the allowance;
  • Art unit allocation rate; and
  • Average desktop actions from art unit to allowance.

“As a client-centric organization, we are committed to supporting the evolution of the patent system and the patent professional,” said Andrew Match, President of LexisNexis ReedTech and Intellectual Property Solutions. “We have served the USPTO for over 50 years, helping to digitize and streamline the patent prosecution process. We are now taking the next step to empower the innovation community by democratizing reviewer statistics and making them freely available to everyone. Through this initiative, we hope to enable more IP professionals to streamline their workflows, make results more predictable, and ultimately help accelerate innovation.”

A recent online survey conducted by LexisNexis revealed the challenges patent professionals face when faced with an unpredictable prosecution process, tight deadlines and demanding stakeholders. The study found that 73% of IP professionals who sue at the USPTO frequently use examiner statistics in their workflow when preparing to prosecute a patent application. The most common use cases cited by these professionals were getting advice when in the hands of a difficult reviewer (cited by 93%), making better-informed decisions (80%), and identifying arguments winners for streamlining lawsuits (79%).

Additionally, patent attorneys working in law firms said that examiner statistics had a positive impact on their client relationships (cited by 48%) and their ability to acquire new clients (26%).

LexisNexis patent attorney® Examiner statistics can be unlocked and viewed by any patent attorney on USPTO websites by downloading and installing the PatentAdvisor extension, which is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Web browser apps. Mozilla Firefox. The tool does not require a paid subscription.

For more information on PatentAdvisor and the new PatentAdvisor extension, visit www.LexisNexisIP.com/Extension and www.LexisNexisIP.com/PatentAdvisor.

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