Microsoft Bing launches new IndexNow plugin for WordPress – WP Tavern

In July 2020, Bing released its first official plugin for WordPress that allowed site owners to submit URLs and index their content immediately, instead of waiting for the search engine to crawl the site. The IndexNow API, which debuted in October 2021, is the next evolution of the Bing URL Submission API, created by Microsoft Bing and Yandex.

Bing Webmasters posted a new IndexNow plugin for WordPress sites to take advantage of this new protocol. It allows websites to notify participating search engines whenever content is created, updated, or deleted, so that the site is indexed faster for updated search results. The Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools team predicts that it will minimize the need for crawling:

IndexNow is a smarter internet initiative: By telling search engines if a URL has changed, website owners provide a clear signal helping search engines prioritize crawling those URLs, thereby limiting the need an exploratory crawl to test if the content has changed. In the future, search engines intend to limit crawling of websites adopting IndexNow.

IndexNow is also a more open Internet initiative: by notifying a search engine, you will notify all search engines that have adopted IndexNow.

The IndexNow WordPress plugin tracks content changes and automatically submits URLs in the background. It comes with a few basic features and configuration options:

  • Activate the automatic submission function.
  • Manually submit a URL to IndexNow.
  • View a list of recent plugin URL submissions.
  • Retry all failed submissions in the recent submissions list.
  • Download recent URL submissions for analysis.
  • Status of recent successful and failed submissions

The IndexNow protocol is supported by Microsoft Bing and Yandex. Google is testing the protocol to see if it makes sense for a more sustainable approach to web indexing.

Bing main program manager Fabrice Canel proposed that the WordPress core incorporate the IndexNow protocol, but contributors suggested that Microsoft keep it as a plugin until it is more widely adopted by major engines. research and proves that it has a positive effect on reducing the need for exploration.

“By releasing this plugin, we aim not only to immediately benefit from the WordPress websites that adopt it, but also to learn, refine as needed to someday publish IndexNow in the WordPress core to benefit all websites and everyone. existing and future search engines adopting IndexNow, ”Canel said. on the ticket.

The IndexNow plugin already has 800 active installs, but it’s a long way for Microsoft to prove that its API is effective in streamlining indexing for search engines. If Google agrees to support it after testing, the protocol may gain enough momentum to gain support from other search engines.

Esther L. Gunn