Rank Math integrates IndexNow for WordPress sites

The popular Rank Math WordPress plugin now supports IndexNow for faster indexing and ranking of websites.

Website owners and SEO experts spend time and money creating content, product descriptions and other changes to websites only to wait weeks or more for the changes to be visible on Bing, Google, Yandex and other search engines.

IndexNow’s integration into Rank Math for WordPress allows users to quickly notify search engines of changes such as new content, removed content, and redirects. This leads to faster indexing, traffic, and conversions.

Now over a million WordPress sites using Rank Math can use IndexNow to immediately ping search engines on changes.

Importance of fast indexing

A website is the virtual storefront of a business, but it takes time for search engines to discover any changes. It’s like a customer still seeing a chipped storefront two weeks after it was repainted.

E-commerce sites change product descriptions, content, etc. daily.

Search engines don’t always regularly check websites for changes. Sometimes they have to be notified manually.

As a result, it can take weeks for crawlers to update the indexing, while website owners keep making changes.

Crawling and indexing delays can negatively impact traffic because customers don’t see the most recent version of the page in search results.

There are ways to notify search engines, but they take time, especially for a website that makes thousands of changes.

WordPress users now have an easy and automatic way to notify search engines of any changes to their websites with the Rank Math integration.

RankMath and IndexNow

Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress designed to easily configure and implement various SEO features for a website. It has a user interface that features previews of rich snippets and the appearance of social media posts.

It uses artificial intelligence to generate SEO suggestions that many website owners overlook and provides Google Analytics integration.

IndexNow allows website owners to manually notify search engines of changes using code, but integration with Rank Math automates the process.

When websites use Rank Math, the plugin generates the host’s API key for the IndexNow protocol.

When changes are made, everything is submitted to search engines in the background. The user has nothing to do. Users also have control over the types of URLs submitted.

It takes the time of waiting for search engines to re-index pages from weeks or months to days.

To learn more about using IndexNow with RankMath, see the Tutorial.

Source: Bing

Esther L. Gunn