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Including a powerful performance bundle with Cloudflare Enterprise, Relay, and Object Cache Pro.

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida., June 22022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Rocket.netone of the most innovative managed WordPress hosting platforms in the world, today announced the launch of a brand new Enterprise WordPress Hosting product, designed for high volume WooCommerce, LMS and dynamic sites.

“Since day one, we’ve been on a mission to speed up and protect WordPress websites of all sizes.” said Ben GaberCEO of “Today we’re taking a big step forward with our new Enterprise tier, which already powers some of the biggest WooCommerce sites on the web.”

In 2020, was the first to market with a unique, industry-leading approach to managed WordPress hosting. leverages Cloudflare Enterprise, ultimately solving the need to scale static content while keeping complexity and costs low.

By leveraging Cloudflare Enterprise with Argo Smart Routing and NVMe storage on servers, Already improves WooCommerce and dynamic performance by over 30% at scale, serving over 4 billion pages per month.

Today, launch the new Enterprise WordPress Hosting to push the performance limits even further for WooCommerce and dynamic sites. Powered by dedicated resources scaling up to 128 cores in a private cloud, is able to guarantee resources without fear of noisy neighbors in public clouds.

Beyond hardware, Rocket has partnered with Relay and Pro Object Cache to provide the ultimate caching and server processing layer for dynamic WordPress sites. By layering these technologies in the stack, customers can handle millions of requests per second without ever having to consult a configuration file.

“Relay Cache combined with Object Cache Pro is unlike anything I’ve seen in my twenty years of hosting experience.” said Gabler, “We’ve worked closely with the Relay and Object Cache Pro teams and the performance we’ve been able to achieve is nothing short of amazing.”

“When we saw emerge, we knew we just had to work together,” said Till Krüss, Founder of Object Cache Pro and Relay. to have Relay and Object Cache Pro part of their stack.” Enterprise plans come with the following features, allowing high-volume sites to focus on revenue, not availability:

  • Cloudflare Enterprise: Full Page Caching, Argo Smart Routing, and Enterprise Security for essential PCI compliance.
  • Dedicated Resources: Each plan comes with dedicated resources just for your site.
  • High Performance Storage: All enterprise hardware comes with modern NVMe storage with RAID-1 configuration.
  • Relay: Every site is powered by Relay, the next-generation caching layer for PHP.
  • Object Cache Pro: An enterprise-class Redis object cache backend for WordPress that communicates directly with Relay.
  • Real-Time Backups: Fully managed real-time backups ensure your data is always protected and available.
  • VIP Support: Each enterprise tier includes an optional private Slack channel and top priority in live chat and help desk.

“TO we’re always thinking about the customer and how we can improve their day-to-day interactions with WordPress.” Gabler said. “As we continue to grow, we have some amazing things in store to improve performance with the edge even further. “

Rocket’s managed WordPress hosting is available today and priced on a resource-based basis, starting at just $649 a month. See full pricing details at


Rocket.netsituated at West Palm Beach, Florida, is a managed WordPress hosting provider designed for websites of all sizes. Since its launch in early 2020, provides an all-in-one solution built on Cloudflare Enterprise, giving every WordPress website an enterprise-grade experience, including priority traffic routing and caching in every Cloudflare location. This service, traditionally difficult to configure and beyond the reach of website owners and agencies, requires no configuration or advanced knowledge, allowing website owners to focus on what really matters most: content.

About Object Cache Pro

Object Cache Pro is a truly reliable, highly optimized and easy to debug object cache for WordPress, built from the ground up for raw performance. Its underlying architecture makes it scalable as well as easy to extend and customize.

For more information on Object Cache Pro, see

About Relay

Relay is a next-generation caching layer for PHP that dramatically speeds up Redis caching operations by up to two orders of magnitude. Think of APCu and PhpRedis having a child – but with magical powers.

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