Snapchat launched a Lens Web Builder tool to let anyone create AR lenses in minutes

Thursday 03/12/2020 13:00

Snapchat launched Lens Web Builder, which it claims is the industry’s first web-based Lens ad production tool (augmented reality). Snapchat said that Lens Web Builder makes it easy for anyone to create compelling and professional AR lenses in minutes. He said that previously AR ad creation was run by a handful of highly skilled creators or companies, usually with big budgets, but Lens Web Builder gives everyone the chance to bring their ideas to life. in AR in a simple, fast and risk-free way.

To create the tool, Snapchat modeled hundreds of Snap’s best organic lens designs, to allow anyone to create eye-catching AR lenses without the need for a necessary 3D design experience.

He said the tool was designed with an emphasis on simplicity, speed and cost. Users can create their own augmented reality experience by choosing from thousands of 3D objects and animations. Creating a lens only takes a few minutes, rather than a few weeks. And it’s free to use, which Snapchat said was important, as the perception around AR is that it is expensive, both in terms of human resource level and financial investment.
The tool is aimed at any brand or agency that wants to produce AR lenses quickly and easily, and because it’s free, the company said it’s ideal for small businesses new to augmented reality. He added that Lens Web Builder’s user base will be markedly different from Snapchat’s Lens Studio users, who are often highly technical 3D developers modeling objects and textures, and tailoring them to the Snapchat Lens experience.

The launch of the tool is part of Snap’s larger investment in making high-quality vertical Snapchat ads easy and accessible for any business, whether they run unique AR campaigns or use readable ads that leverage Snapchat’s video advertising capabilities.

Earlier this year, Snapchat added a video converter tool to its Ads Manager that allows advertisers to convert a horizontal or square video to a vertical orientation for Snapchat, reducing the friction of creating ads specifically for Snapchat. This tool is also free for advertisers.

Snapchat also recently introduced the ability to purchase lenses in its auctions. Through this process, brands can programmatically bid for the distribution of their AR creation, which can now be built using Lens Web Builder.

“Launching Lens Web Builder is a critical part of Snapchat’s mission to democratize AR,” said David Shaw, Global Product Marketing Manager, Snap. “The tool allows advertisers of all shapes and sizes to create augmented reality ads in minutes using our editing suite which is in the browser of our Ads Manager tool.

“We know that Lens Web Builder is particularly appealing to small and medium-sized businesses, including performance-driven brands and directly to consumers, who previously would not have had the in-house design capabilities or the budget to launch a campaign. of AR on Snapchat or any other platform. We have already had several customers who test the tool, see great results, and we are delighted to welcome more advertisers in the weeks and months to come.

Anastasiia Shuishbaieva, user acquisition manager for the dating app Hily, who tested the beta version of the Lens Web Builder tool, added, “Marketing is all about speed. The faster you test, the faster you get results. This is why we were so excited to participate. in the Lens Web Builder beta test. Snapchat said we can create a goal from scratch in under five minutes. Well, it took us six minutes… to create an asset that would otherwise take hours and skills to produce! Creativity has never been Easier! “

Esther L. Gunn