Ulysses app updates WordPress post to use WP REST API – WP Tavern

Ulyssesa writing application for Mac, iPad and iPhone, has published version 26. This is a significant update for those who use the app to write and post to WordPress. It adds support for more blogs and simplified the setup process using the WordPress REST API.

In the File > Post Preview menu, users with connected WordPress sites can see what their posts would look like with the default Twenty Twenty-One theme. Here you can also manage external publishing accounts and add multiple WordPress blogs by authenticating for each and authorizing the Ulysses app. (Accounts were previously available in a separate menu, but are now found in the Post Previews screen.)

Ulysses has been around since 2003 – as long as WordPress, and has gained a loyal following over the past 19 years. It is managed by a small team based in Leipzig, Germany. The app’s users are often drawn to its sophisticated support for writing projects, distraction-free writing interface, and clean design, which won an Apple Design Award in 2016.

The app supports direct publishing to WordPress since version 2.6, released in August 2016. Prior to this version, users exported their posts in HTML or Markdown format and pasted them into the WordPress editor. Version 22, released in 2021, introduced Micro.blog publishing and WordPress post updates.

In addition to the more modernized WordPress post integration, the latest update changes the post flow UI to feature dedicated buttons for quick access to post and post preview. It also introduces a new counter on macOS in the editor that displays the word count and displays a small table of other statistics on the click, including characters, sentences, paragraphs, pages, etc.

Version 26 also fixes some sluggishness in the editor and eliminates a host of annoying crash scenarios that users have encountered:

  • Fixed a crash when sharing a sheet from Ulysses
  • Fixed potential lag when typing in editor
  • Fixed a rare crash on app launch
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a sheet from Mac to iPad using Universal Control

Ulysses users who want to see what’s new in upcoming releases can test out new features before they’re available by joining the app beta program for iOS or macOS.

Esther L. Gunn