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Tablesome is a pretty useful WordPress plugin. It’s a WordPress data table plugin which provides you with the skills to create tables of data. Not only that, but it can also work as a useful WordPress form database which saves you WordPress Contact Form Submissions to your database. So, if you have been looking to perform the above mentioned tasks but were unable to do so, in a short time. We will tell you how you can run it using the Tablesome WordPress plugin.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is go straight to the WordPress dashboard, then to the plugin and finally add a new option. Now continue by searching for contact form 7. Click on it and install. After that, you can activate the plugin. Speaking of the Tablesome plugin, you won’t have to do anything else. Search for Tablesome, click on it and also install it, activate it. However, to save the contact form submission, you will need to install the Tablesome pro plugin. Go to the official Tablesome website where you can start your free trial for the pro version. Clicking on free trial will require you to provide your credentials and email address. In your email you will receive a key which will then be used to activate the Tablesome pro plugin.

2nd step

As soon as you are done downloading and installing the contact form, you will be able to see a menu named “Contact” on your WordPress dashboard. Continue by clicking on the ‘contact forms’ option. A sample form named ‘contact form 1’ will appear by default. In the ‘Shortcodes’ section, you will see a generated Shortcode for the form. Copy this Shortcode and go to pages – add a new one and paste the Shortcode inside the block. Then keep posting it.

Step 3

You will see a new option called “Tablesome” in your dashboard once you install and activate the Tablesome pro plugin. To create a new table, go to Tablesome -> Create New Table. Give your table a good title and use the + symbol found in the tables section to add rows. Depending on the number of fields in your contact form, you can add rows. If your form has four fields, you can construct four rows with column names corresponding to form fields.

Step 4

Tablesome pro has a good trigger and action interface to record contact form submissions. Towards the left side of your table, you will find an action interface with a trigger inside. A trigger is something that determines when an action is going to be performed while actions determine what action is going to be performed. To create a trigger you will need to go to the integration tab where you can find 3 different tabs. Here we will only talk about the contact form7. By selecting this, you will see a tab named “type of actions”. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to see the different forms you built before using the CF7 plugin. You can then select the form from which you want to get answers. Now let’s talk about the action. Tabular actions can be performed in the plugin. You will get an option to map columns to field. Match the two and you are good to go.

Step 5

Now all that remains is to submit the form. You will need to go to the page where the form is embedded. View the page in the front-end and proceed to submit the form.

Esther L. Gunn