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Razvan Serea

February 4, 2022 4:36 PM EST

Web Builder is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to build complete websites. WYSIWYG means the finished page will display exactly as it was designed. The program generates HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags as you point and click on the desired functions; you can create a web page without learning HTML. Simply drag and drop objects onto the page, position them “anywhere” and when you’re done, publish them to your web server (using the built-in publishing tool). Web Builder gives you full control over the content and layout of your web pages. A Web Builder project file can contain multiple web pages.

Desktop publishing for the web, create websites as easy as drag and drop

  • “One Click Publishing” No FTP program required. No special hosting required, use it with any hosting service!
  • Easily create forms using the built-in form wizard, form validation tools, and built-in CAPTCHA.
  • Advanced graphics tools like shapes, textart, rotation, shadows and many other image effects.
  • Fully integrated jQuery UI (accordion, tabs, etc.), animations, effects and built-in ThemeRoller theme editor.
  • Google Compatible Sitemap Generator / PayPal eCommerce Tools
  • Many navigation tools available: Navigation bars, tabbed menus, drop-down menus, sitetree, slidemenus.
  • Built-in slideshows, photo galleries, hover images, banners, and more.
  • Support for YouTube, Flash Video, Windows Media Player and many other video formats.
  • Unique extension system (add-on) with already more than 250 extensions available!

Build HTML5/CSS3 Websites Today

  • HTML5 document type (optimized HTML5 output).
  • Support for HTML5 audio/video and HTML5 YouTube.
  • HTML5 forms: native form validation, new input types and options, web storage.
  • HTML5 canvas and svg support in shapes and other drawing tools.
  • CSS3 @font-face. Use non-web-safe fonts in all modern browsers.
  • CSS3 opacity, border radius, box shadow.
  • CSS3 gradients. Add cool gradient effects using native CSS3 (no images).
  • CSS3 navigation menu. Create impressive menus without using JavaScript or images.
  • CSS3 animations and transitions. Including support for 2D and 3D transformations!

Features for advanced users:

  • Login Tools/Page Password Protection.
  • Integrated content management system with many plugins (guestbook, faq, downloads, photo album, etc.).
  • Add custom HTML code with HTML tools.
  • JavaScript Events: Show/hide objects (with animation), timers, move objects, change styles, etc.
  • Layers: Sticky Layer, Anchor Layer, Floating Layer, Modal Layer, Docked Layer, Stretch Layer and more!
  • jQuery Theme Manager, create your own themes for built-in jQuery UI widgets.
  • Style Manager (global style, H1, H2, H3 etc).
  • Master frames and master objects: reuse common elements of your website.
  • and much more!

WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.1.3 Changelog:

  • Improved: Added “width and height” attributes to navigation images in carousel and slideshow (Google Lighthouse improvement).
  • Improved: Moved ‘vcpopup.css’ (Vibracart Pro) between head tags.
  • Improved: Added “tooltip” icon when shape output format is set to CSS: CSS only supports rectangle, ellipse and rounded corner shapes.
  • Improved: After selecting “Image Placeholder”, Image Placeholder mode will be reset to default.
  • Improved: When using tax in the PayPal object, the “tax_cart” variable will be added automatically so that the tax is also included in the PayPal cart payment.
  • Improved: Removed deprecated “no_note” variable from PayPal HTML output.
  • Improved: “Import a page from another project” now displays a message when no page has been selected: “To select a page, the box in front of the page name must be checked.”
  • Improved: Several improvements related to the internal cache of the font family.
  • Improved: Added the ability to use negative letter spacing in the Text object.

To download: 64-bit WYSIWYG web generator | 16.6 MB (shareware)
To download: 32-bit WYSIWYG web generator | 15.1 MB
Screenshot: >> Click here
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